Gua Sha

The name gua sha, pronounced ‘gwah - shah’, comes from the Chinese word for ‘scraping’. Gua sha is the Chinese medicine modality that uses a tool, often a soup spoon, to apply pressure and scrape the skin to relieve pain and tension and promote circulation. This action causes markings on the skin, called ‘sha’, which often appears as purple or red spots. Similar to cupping therapy, the sha marks may appear painful or uncomfortable but the results are quite opposite of painful as patients often feel immediate relief of pain to a certain degree. The sha marks will fade over the course of a week.

Practitioners: Meagan & Jee Ae All fees listed represent a time of service discount

New patient? Please book an initial telehealth appointment first. We need to discuss health history to make sure gua sha is safe for you.

Gua Sha Treatment: $55 - 65

*Gua Sha can included in an acupuncture session, if applicable to your condition