Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal formulas have been around for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of conditions. Just like acupuncture, herbal formulas treat the root of the disorder and are often given in conjunction with acupuncture treatments. Herbal prescriptions are based on classic formulas but are tailored to the individual to ensure the best treatment possible. They are an excellent way to take home the treatment and work on healing your body even outside of the clinic.

At AHT, we offer a couple of options for herbs. Patent, or pill form, herbs are great for patients who don’t want to taste the herbs and are good at taking pills. These pills are quite small, so doses often are prescribed at 3-8 pills each dose. We also offer tincture formulas, which are glycerin or alcohol based liquids that can be taken under the tongue or mixed with water to dilute and then drank. Lastly, we offer raw or granular herbal formulas which are best for patients who need a customized formula for their condition. Granules are created by decocting raw herbs, then having a binding agent (typically dextrose) added to the tea/liquid and then dried. We no longer keep a granular or raw pharmacy in house, however our team can create your custom formula, order it from a trusted compounding pharmacy, and have it delivered to your home. To consume the customized granular formulas, hot water is added to the prescribed amount of scoops of granules to dissolve the herbs and then is drank like a cup of tea. The make the raw formulas, you boil the raw herbs as if making a stock, drain and then keep the liquid for consumption.

Herbs are recommended for different lengths of treatment time based on the condition that is being treated. A course of treatment can vary from a week to over a year depending on how acute or chronic the condition. Your practitioner will give you their recommendation and prepare the formula in clinic or order from the compounding pharmacy.

Meagan, Jee Ae & Jennifer can work with patients anwhere in the state of Michigan for herbal consultations! The use of HIPAA approved telehealth video streaming allows for the practitioners to work with patients across the state. Herbal formulas are then compounded and mailed via USPS to your home.

Practitioners: Meagan, Jee Ae, & Jennifer **All fees listed represent a time of service discount

Telehealth Herbal Consultation $55 - $65 (this is for new and return patients)

Herbal formulas $15 - $35+