Energy Healing


Reiki is the art of healing using spiritual energy through the practitioners hands. Using this method, Nina will listen to and feel the body's subtle energy, and work with it to restore balance. When balance is established, energy is able to flow freely, allowing for comfort, healing and deep relaxation.

An in-person Reiki session may include use of guided meditation, music, creative visualization, tuning forks, tarot, or other tools. Each 60 or 90 minute session is created for you because no two souls are alike and every moment is a new chance for awakening.

Sound healing is also available to you in the Energy Healing sessions. True vibrancy and beauty begins within our spiritual body and is expressed in our thoughts, emotions and feelings. This dynamic part of being human can easily become unbalanced, causing unease or disease.

Using a combination of Reiki and sound, Nina will bring you into a state of deep relaxation and presence. As the vibrations of sound wash over you and the energy is moved through Nina's hands, your body and soul will follow it's own true nature and become aligned for balance and healing.


Delve into the illuminating and insightful world of Tarot. Questions answered, new perspectives gained, mysteries and magic of the universe revealed! Beyond the mystical aspects of Tarot, a reading can be incredibly healing, helping you see a problem or understand patterns and how to transform. This Tarot reading is followed by a meditation to help process and heal.


Energy Healing Session 60 min: $125 / Energy Healing Session 90 min: $150

Remote Reiki: $150 / Remote Tarot Reading: $85

Practitioners: Nina

Visit our online booking site to see the combinations of services Nina has to offer you through AHT. She offers both remote and in person experiences.