I have been struggling with nausea and stomach issues for as long as I could remember, and finally decided to seek an alternative from taking medications and not getting any results from the doctors. After one session with JeeAe, it was incredible of how I've noticed how much acupuncture therapy has helped me. She is absolutely wonderful, and understanding and does everything she can to make you comfortable. Ever since I've been seeing JeeAe for acupuncture, I haven't had any of the symptoms and issues that I've been experiencing for so long. She has not only helped me mentally and emotionally with my issues, but it was more incredible on how much better my body has felt physically. I highly, highly, highly recommend JeeAe and Asian Healing Traditions, as for my life has been completely turned around after coming here. R.S.

This is the second time in my life I have been in the presence of a true healer. I did have a referral from a good friend, but Henry Buchtel exceeded my expectations to say the least. This was my first experience with Acupuncture. I liked everything about it. He took his time, he developed a plan first and ran it by me. I would highly recommend Henry Buchtel and The Asian Healing Traditions to any one looking to approach their health from the inside out. S.T.

Meagan Bretz is the essence of compassionate competence. In addition to exceptional skills and knowledge, she is a careful listener, attuned to both verbal and nonverbal communication. Her communication is both clear and concise. Meagan maintains excellent patient management skills. She is collaborative and careful to customize treatment approaches. Her office staff are equally professionally competent and welcoming. I initially consulted Meagan when two neurologists said my foot drop would likely be permanent. Meagan healed the nerve damage with acupuncture, resulting in full foot function restored. I have continued treatment. S.A.

Henry asks careful questions to understand my current situation. He asks additional questions for clarification. I appreciate the care and I continue to see improvement in my help. B. B.

My journey with infertility began when I was 15 years old and lost my period due to an eating disorder, and it did not return. My doctors would just put me on birth control pills to avoid osteoporosis, but never got to the root of my issue. My husband and I were able to conceive three children with hormone injections and IUI's thankfully, but still no period naturally, and it took many attempts with my third child. We always have wanted a big family, and turned to IVF for our fourth child. I had FOUR failed IVF attempts, including two miscarriages. I had began seeing Meagan during the last IVF cycle, and once that failed, I decided to take a leap of faith and dive into Traditional Chinese medicine fully. Thankfully I did! In about 3 months (doing acupuncture, taking prescribed herbs, and following dietary recommendations), I had my first NATURAL period in TWENTY years!! I couldn't believe it!! Now just working on getting pregnant! Regardless of what happens, Meagan has changed my life, and I am so grateful." A.W.

I am still kind of new to acupuncture and have recently started seeing Meagan. I came to see her with a complaint of knee pain and with a weight loss goal of 20 pounds. Meagan is the second acupuncturist I have worked with and she has introduced me to ear buds and Chinese herbs. Wow, it makes such a difference! I don't really understand how it all works, but my experience has shown that it does. I feel more energetic and aligned with acupuncture. Meagan is also great to work with on a personal level; she is very supportive and encouraging. To summarize, Meagan rocks! E.L.

I started seeing Meagan over three months ago for migraine relief, PMS support, and as a tool to maintain my stress levels. I felt immediate effects from my treatments by Meagan, including decreased frequency of migraines, more regulated cycles, and a more balanced feeling in my daily life. Meagan is engaging, her personality allows for the comfort and trust that helps develop a good rapport between practitioner and patient. She exudes confidence, knowledge, and compassion; a good formula for a great practitioner! L.V.G.