I started seeing Meagan over three months ago for migraine relief, PMS support, and as a tool to maintain my stress levels. I felt immediate effects from my treatments by Meagan, including decreased frequency of migraines, more regulated cycles, and a more balanced feeling in my daily life. Meagan is engaging, her personality allows for the comfort and trust that helps develop a good rapport between practitioner and patient. She exudes confidence, knowledge, and compassion; a good formula for a great practitioner! L.V.G.

I am still kind of new to acupuncture and have recently started seeing Meagan. I came to see her with a complaint of knee pain and with a weight loss goal of 20 pounds. Meagan is the second acupuncturist I have worked with and she has introduced me to ear buds and Chinese herbs. Wow, it makes such a difference! I don't really understand how it all works, but my experience has shown that it does. I feel more energetic and aligned with acupuncture. Meagan is also great to work with on a personal level; she is very supportive and encouraging. To summarize, Meagan rocks! E.L.